Orange County Engagement ~ Los Rios

We arranged to meet up with Michael and Jennifer at Five Vines Wine Bar in San Juan Capistrano for some yummy appetizers and wine before shooting their engagement session in the quaint and adorable Los Rios District. After all, you can never go wrong with snacks and wine when meeting new friends!  :) We thoroughly enjoyed meeting these two and especially enjoyed hearing their love story.

Michael and Jennifer met as teenagers, hanging out with the same group of friends, who also were heavy metal fanatics, and would frequently attend metal concerts together. They fed off of the aggression, fast guitars, and pure energy! Entirely unknown to Michael at that time, Jennifer had a secret crush on him. They remained friends for a number of years, always enjoying each other’s company. As time went on, they lost touch.  But after a couple of years, they began hanging out again, and more frequently.  They became inseparable, enjoying each other's company, listening to music and going to concerts as often as they could -- and there was never a shortage of laughter.  Before you know it, they fell for each other.

Jennifer fell in love with Michael's cynical sarcasm and macabre sense of humor. Michael fell in love with Jennifer's her pure heart and kind, genuine personality. No matter what they do together, whether they stay home watching movies, go for long drives, or just being outdoors on a hike, they are always happy, spending time together.  

We had a great time learning about them, and documenting their love for each other. Thank you so much Jennifer & Michael for a great time!